• Tree Removal

  • When you call a tree service professional to remove a tree, the price will vary. This is due to several factors about the service, including how many trees, the height, width, whether it’s an emergency situation, and if there has to be pruning done ahead of time to make the tree easier to take down without hitting your home or the power lines around your yard.

  • At Alpha Tree Service, we pride ourselves on being able to consistently give our commercial and residential clients unparalleled quality results at affordable prices, without compromising quality of service.

    From tree removal, to tree trimming, to yearly maintenance contracts, no job is ever too small or too big. Our experienced team of tree experts has the experience to handle virtually any situation.

    • Trees cool down the earth in other ways – first by providing shade and blocking UV rays, and by releasing moisture into the air through transpiration.
    • A single tree can provide enough oxygen for about 4 people – totaling 260 pounds per year.
    • There are an estimated 100,000 known species of trees in the world.
    • Trees actually get most of their nutrition from the atmosphere (over 90%), and very little from the earth.
    • The rings on the trunk not only tell the age of a tree, but can also give insight to different natural events like volcanic eruptions and variations in weather patterns.
    • Of all the living things on earth, trees live the longest, and no tree has ever died of “old age” rather, they are usually killed by disease, insects or cut down by man.
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